‘Love After Lockup’: Cameron Morton’s Wild Ways Take a Toll on His Health?

Love After Lockup star Cameron Morton is known for his wild and hard-partying ways. Despite his wife Aris Morton‘s attempts to tame him, the WEtv star continues to live life on his terms. However, now it may have caught up with him. Recently he shared some alarming health news on social media, causing concern among his followers.

Love After Lockup: Cameron Morton Continues His Hard Partying Lifestyle?

During the previous season of WEtv’s Love After Lockup star Cameron Morton was in a rush to lockdown his now wife Aris Morton.  When he convinced her to marry him straight out of prison, she was reluctant. The quickie wedding she put together in just a matter of days was not the dream ceremony she had pictured for herself.

Even so, she pulled off an impressive wedding ceremony. There were some issues though. First off, she did not tell her family she was getting married. Following the ceremony her new husband was in full-blown party mode. She blew it off that night chalking it up to him celebrating their marriage. However, the next day he was up and at it early and they had a big fight.

They were supposed to meet her Love After Lockup husband’s family for another party. However, Aris tells him that she is not feeling well, and he heads to the family get-together without her. Things don’t go well for Cameron.

He gets into a dispute with his family over his new wife’s absence. Cam then knocks back drink after drink until he is falling down, black-out drunk. He is not even sure how he returned to their hotel. He tries to crawl into bed with his bride, but once she sees how hammered he is she wants nothing to do with him.

Aris Warns Her Husband to Tone Down His Drinking

The Love After Lockup spouses argue over his drinking. He is so wasted he takes his ring off and throws it at her telling her to divorce him if she doesn’t like it.

The next morning, she gets ready to leave and her husband is hungover and remembers nothing from the night before. The two have a serious talk and Aris warns him to tone down his drinking or it will be a problem.

Love After Lockup: Aris Morton - Cameron Morton
Aris Morton – Cameron Morton | WEtv

This is not the first time Cameron’s drinking has raised concerns with Aris Morton. She sees it could become a major issue between them. She hopes to convince him to cut back on drinking before it gets out of control. His wife informs him that she refuses to live with a drunk.

Love After Lockup: Cameron Health Issues Spark Concern

When the couple learns they are expecting their first child together she hopes it will make a difference. His wife remains hopeful that the arrival of their daughter, Charlotte, who will arrive sometime this month will set him straight.

However, the Love After Lockup former inmate’s Instagram story revealed some major health concerns. He tells his followers that his liver and kidneys are failing him. He sounds concerned about his health.

Life After Lockup: Cameron Morton
Cameron Morton | Instagram

The TV personality and rapper admits he is losing weight and suffering from sleep issues as well. His fans worry that he may have taken his drinking to extremes. This is because he makes it sound like something has taken a toll on his body.

Fans are concerned about Love After Lockup‘s Cameron Morton and Aris Morton. Their daughter is due soon. They fear that if he is as sick as his post indicates he may miss the birth of their daughter, or worse.

So far, he has not mentioned anything more about his health. Viewers hope that when they return for Season 5 his health will not be part of their storyline. Instead, they hope he gets his life together and gives up the booze once and for all.

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