Triple H could pull off massive swerve by signing recently departed AEW star in time for WWE SummerSlam

Triple H is one of the most important men in WWE, not only for what he contributed during his time as an in-ring competitor but by how well he has taken to his role backstage.

Ever since shaving his head and trading his trunks for a suit, Triple H has been giving the fans what they want. He totally transformed NXT to such an extent that fans worldwide flocked to watch the developmental show over Raw and SmackDown at one point in time.

Triple H also has one thing that endears him to the fans these days, and that is spotting talent. He has scoured the world for top talent and brought them to WWE. Names like Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor come to mind when we think of all the big coups that Hunter has pulled off over the years.

One name that will definitely be of interest in joining WWE right now is Brian Pillman Jr. The son of the late great Brian Pillman left AEW after his contract expired on July 11 and is now a free agent.

With SummerSlam around the corner, WWE could bring the second-generation superstar into the fold. There are a number of second-generation superstars in the WWE right now, like Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes, but if Pillman Jr. wants to make an impact, he should be pitched against Dominik Mysterio.

Triple H can book Brian Pillman Jr. to take on Dominik Mysterio for SummerSlam

One of the most despised names in the WWE right now is Dominik Mysterio. Ever since joining The Judgement Day, Dom Dom has been on a roll and has been getting reactions from the crowd wherever he goes.

A match between the two will no doubt be a major boost for both Pillman and Dominik, as the former had some good things to say about Rey Mysterio’s son in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda.

Speaking about Dominik during his younger days, Pillman Jr. said:

“I’ll tell ya, Dominik is in great hands. That’s another example of someone who is taking a different pathway. He went to WWE, his dad is still around. His dad’s able to give him the advice he needs. Me, without my father, I knew I had to take a different path. There’s plenty of advice I could share with him. Obviously, as a second-generation wrestler, you want to try to step out of your father’s shadow. I’d tell him to do some different things. I’d tell him to maybe stay away from the 619. Maybe develop your own great move and great finisher.”

With Dominik well and truly out of his father’s shadow, it will be a good time for Pillman to come to WWE and teach Dominik a lesson in humility. It’s once again time for Triple H to give the fans what they want.

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