My go-to microphone for podcasting and streaming over the past decade

The original Blue Yeti.

My older Blue Yeti still serves me when (when it’s called upon).

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

About a decade ago, while embarking on a podcast project, I found the perfect mic to fit my needs — the Blue Yeti. What makes this mic so special that so many podcasters flocked to it for so many years? If you read any list of “best podcasting mics,” you will inevitably run into the Blue Yeti. The reason for this is three-fold: The incredible sound, the unique look, and the cost.

For the price, which is around $120 at the time of writing, the Blue Yeti is a steal. Here’s why.

Close-up of a Blue Yeti mic on a desk


Blue Yeti USB Mic

You find a more impressive sound than the Blue Yeti at this price.

I have a feeling part of this dramatic price drop is that Logitech (the company that bought Blue some time ago), is getting rid of the Blue brand and will be selling the mics under the Logitech G gaming brand. Because of that, I would highly recommend you grab this mic immediately. For the price (and considering you’re getting the Blackout version of the mic), you won’t find a better podcasting mic. Period.

The specs

If we’re talking audio equipment, we must talk specs and here they are.

  • Custom three-capsule array
  • Four pickup patterns: Flexible cardioid, omni, bidirectional, and stereo 
  • Onboard audio controls: Headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and mic gain
  • Mic pivots on a heavy-duty stand
  • Can be screwed onto a traditional mic stand
  • USB connection
  • Dimensions: 4.92″ X 4.72″ X 11.61″
  • Weight: 3.51 pounds
The back side of the original Blue Yeti.

You can dial the gain and the pickup pattern on the fly with the Blue Yeti.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

I’ve used the Blue Yeti on both Linux and macOS and it never fails to work as expected. It’s very much a plug-and-play affair with no need to install drivers. I used the mic with Audacity and it had zero problems with the mic.

The beauty of the Blue Yeti

At first, you might be attracted to the look of the Blue Yeti. It has a rather old-school, sci-fi appearance and (I must admit) it does look cool. Ultimately, the true beauty of the Blue Yeti is the sound. You will not find a better mic for the price. Period. And although some might prefer a headset-type mic (especially for gaming), if you’re recording a podcast, you would be hard-pressed to find a mic that surpasses the sound the Blue Yeti produces. 

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It really is that good. In fact, whenever anyone asks me what mic they should purchase for their podcast, the Blue Yeti is always the first recommendation out of my mouth. That held true when it was my only mic and still does, even with my favorite CAD E100 mic (which is considerably more expensive). 

No matter how you speak it (full voice or ASMR), the Blue Yeti is the mic to have for your podcast needs. Buy one now before it’s too late.

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