TikTok announces a new way to create with text posts

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The popular video-sharing app, TikTok, announced a new feature aimed at giving creators a way to express themselves without posting videos or photos. TikTok’s new text posts allow creators to create a post with only text. Text posts can have unique backgrounds and sounds accompanying the creator’s text message.

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TikTokers can use live videos, photo carousels, Duets, and Stitches to create posts for their followers. With the addition of text posts, creators can announce upcoming events and content or ask their audience questions.

TikTokers can customize their text posts with stickers that relate to their content and can include tags and hashtags to notify their friends of a post or add relevant topics. Text posts can have a variety of background colors and can access TikTok’s library of licensed music to play while users read the post.

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TikTok’s text posts are similar to the ones found on Instagram Stories. But TikTok’s announcement of text posts could be coming at the right time, as Instagram’s new sister app, Threads, is losing a steady user base. 

Twitter is also experiencing a declining user base, as new features on the platform displease users. For TikTok to stay at the top of the social media leaderboard, features like text posts could be a step in the right direction.

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